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Vetrate artistiche - Grandi Realizzazioni

Stained Glass - Gret Works

.... by Paolo Corpetti

Stained Glass - Great Works

Stained Glass - Great creations.

We have created many large works of both furniture and sacred art, in Italy and abroad. We recall the velarium of the Grand Hotel Vanvitelli in Caserta of about 250 square meters, the 180 square meters of the Casadangela cathedral in Yokohama, the 120 square meters of the Aoyama cathedral in Tokyo, the 110 square meters of the velarium of the Hotel San Giorgio in Civitavecchia, the windows of Villa Lilli (a bright wall of 50 square meters).

The windows made for luxury yachts are of great elegance and particularly demanding, due not only to the absolute excellence required, but also to the structural characteristics of the environment.

Tackling large jobs requires different and greater skills than the "simple" construction of a window. The "observation points" of the work become fundamental, as well as the study of light sources, safety measures, an overview and categorical compliance with delivery times.

We are able to carry out great works, using traditional techniques and with the “contamination” of processes and materials.
It is possible to use glass, in all its artistic declinations: lead binding, tiffany weaving, grisaille paintings, engravings on crystal, glass windows in dalle de verre, mirrors with swarovski crystals, for veils, doors, windows, floors, coverings , stairs.

Our works are requested not only for churches, cathedrals, places of worship and chapels, but also for prestigious villas, hotels and large hotels, restaurants, megayachts. Below we present a gallery of the most representative works.
Bliss Grocery Chisinau Moldavia
Hotel San Giorgio Civitavecchia
Cattedrale Yokohama (Jp)
Pontificia Universita' Gregoriana
Grand Hotel Vanvitelli Caserta
Salone Margherita Roma
Parrocchia San Casto Isernia
Villa S. Stallone Miami USA
Parco dei Principi Roma
Splendid Royale Roma
Veduta Costiera Amalfitana
Yacht IDinasti II
Kristall Hotel Ariano Irpino
Sala delle Fontane (Ente Eur)
Yacht Romance CRN Ancona
Congregazione della S. Croce Roma
Duke Hotel Roma
Palazzina Liberty - Roma
Cattedrale Aoyama Tokyo
Regina dei Gigli Roma
Sporting Palace Roma
Parrocchia Mater Dei Roma
Villa Lilli Carsoli (Aq)
Parrocchia Ss Fabiano e Fulgenzio (Rm)
Pontificia Universita' Gregoriana
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