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Holy Stained glass & interiors
Restorations and Safety
by Paolo Corpetti


Studio Vetrarte di Paolo Corpetti

The Vetrarte Studio of Paolo Corpetti was born in Rome in 1987 and since then, it has been designing and manufacturing artistic glass windows for furniture and sacred art.
We use traditional processing techniques such as
  • lead weaving
  • the tiffany technique
  • glass fusing
  • grisaille painting
  • sandblasting engraving
  • the rotina technique,
  • panels in dalle de verre,
  • false ceilings with crystal rain.

Stained glass for doors, skylight and false ceilings, internal and external windows, separee. We create bright walls, walkable floors in decorated glass,
precious glass coverings. To this we combine experience and experimentation with cutting-edge materials and methodologies.

We take care of the design, construction, transport and installation in Italy and abroad.
Restoration and safety of stained glass windows and canopies in artistic stained glass. Free estimates and sketches.

Our Work

... and our passion

Passion is perhaps the element that most distinguishes us as a studio, as an art workshop poised between the Middle Ages and the future.
Our work, or rather profession, is a bet that is never won and never lost but always waiting. Craftsmanship is a job choice, but
It would not be wrong to say of life, which, although apparently anachronistic, keeps man in the entirety of him.

Imagine, conceive, design, build and install. These are the steps of our work. The realization of an idea, which is a small panel
or the majestic windows of a cathedral, is the meaning of our trade. All combined with a deep knowledge of the three raw materials that are at the base:
Light, color, glass.
In many years of uninterrupted activity we have dealt with a truly unique material: glass. A material to be cut, heated, modeled, melted, blown.
Only glass is a rigid and ductile material, capable of taking shape or keeping itself rigid and compact. Hard and brittle
The glass vibrates in the light and makes its colors vibrate.

In the windows the light is not reproduced, as for example in painting, but it is real, true.
Our job is "painting with light"
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In addition to stained glass windows for churches and large-scale projects, we design and manufacture stained glass windows for interior design and interior design.
Nothing like light manages to furnish an environment and nothing like glass manages to filter it, color it, soften it, attenuate it, enhance it.
Interior glazing, glazing mainly for doors but also for partitions, internal windows, skylights and glass false ceilings are a refined, elegant, refined, exclusive solution and you will be amazed at their convenience.
 Vetrarte di Paolo Corpetti
 Via Amendola 86b 00013 - Mentana (Roma)
 Tel +39 068175381 -
 P.I. 08470030589 - C.F. CRPPLA65A04H501Q
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