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Vetrate artistiche di Arredamento

Stained Glass for Interiors

by Paolo Corpetti

Artistic stained glass windows for interior design

The artistic stained glass window offers the answer to many solutions in interior design. In addition to being a refined decorative element, it allows the separation of environments without penalizing their brightness.

Used for furnishing doors, skylights, luminous false ceilings, internal and external windows, luminous dividing panels, the artistic windows allow the entry of light ensuring an excellent level of visual separation (the light passes but cannot be seen through).

It is easy to adapt the windows to both classic and modern or minimalist interior design.
Colorful leaded windows, refined tiffany panels, elegant monochrome sandblasting, traditional Venetian roller windows, materic glass fusions ... furnishing solutions that recall art,
It is possible to insert art glass panels on both new windows and on existing frames and doors, on sliding valance doors and on retractable sliding doors.
We take care of the design, construction, transport and installation as well as shipping all over the world.

Over 30 years of uninterrupted passion for glass, in Italy, in the world ... at your home
by Paolo Corpetti
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